That snore tho

bruh did he eat a crying baby?

If you can ‘huh’ you can hear.
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Natural Beauty By Jasmine Alston

love that dress

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Model (Vlogger) : itsmyrayeraye
Photographer : jaystewartphotography Clothing : Dime Piece LA

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Action: Two beautiful people are snuggled on the sofa, sharing in each other’s time, space, dreams, and love.  They vibe off each other, they complement each other, they desire each other.  What makes this scene different is that the man and woman are graced with the kisses of warm, rich hues of ebony upon their skin.  It was their ancestors who survived the horrific Middle Passage, shackled and chained like livestock, whose sweat, blood, and tears moistened the soil that made this nation what it is, and who survived dehumanizing slavery so that their descendents could live and thrive and love.  And love they do, but it’s not a rushed, clichéd formulaic love, it’s tender, purposed, sensual, and it’s soulful.  It’s Sensu-Soul.  Premium Content Members will be able to view this incredible, one-of-a-kind video that is only available here, on